Naturoponic™ Farming Naturoponic™ Farming

Our Inspiration

A vast number of households value better tasting veggies and healthier lifestyles. Our proprietary Naturoponic™ farming methods help us grow the purest, freshest and finest tasting veggies, and make them available to families all year round. All this while also caring for a sustainable environment.

We are all about growing veggies using Naturoponics!

What's that, you say?
Naturoponics is a patented technique that eliminates contamination and brings out original nutrition and freshness. We grow plants using RO quality water and without soil, eliminating 2 big sources of contamination. We use high quality non-GMO seeds and our veggies are packed in the Polyhouse. We harvest after you order and we deliver right to your doorstep! Need we say more!

Contamination free food is very difficult to come by. Apart from the usual pesticide contamination, there are many other sorts of factors that affect green produce including soil borne diseases, water contamination, and poor handling through supply chain, all of which make our food less safe and unsuitable for consumption. Furthermore, the food today has limited nutrition and flavour owing to genetic treatment of seeds and inefficient farming practices.

At Gourmet Garden, our promise to you is of providing the freshest, zero contamination leafies and veggies, that are full of flavour and nutrition so you enjoy your healthy meal!


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