Baby King Oyster Mushroom - 200gms

Baby King Oyster Mushroom - 200gms

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180-220 Gms

These are miniature versions of the big king oyster mushrooms and are native to the Mediterranean countries. This mushroom is eaten as part of Asian cuisines. Korea, Japan and China cultivate these mushrooms on a large scale. They’re eaten for their meaty texture. The baby king oyster mushroom has an edible stalk that doesn’t taste woodsy or meaty. 

The baby king oyster mushroom can stay refrigerated for up to a week. You can chop it up and pan fry it with soy sauce, vinegar or with cheese. The flavour of the mushroom goes well with garlic or garlic sauce. Another alternative is to slice the mushroom up and sprinkle seaweed powder and cook it in oil. 

These mushrooms aren’t readily available everywhere and can be a tad pricey at times. 

Since they usually grow on wood, they might not have come into contact with a lot of dirt and might need a lot of washing. Wipe them with a damp cloth. Rinsing them might end up in losing their flavour as they’ll get waterlogged.