Korean Pear - 1 Pc (400-450g)

Korean Pear - 1 Pc (400-450g)

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Usually eaten raw, and known for its high water content, the Korean Pear is a an exotic fruit from East Asia. Not only is the Korean pear delicious to consume, but the blossoms on the trees are very attractive during spring. These pears are large apple-like fruits that are round, crunchy, sweet and very juicy. 

Because of their high water content, which makes them low in calorie, but they can't be cooked into pies or preserved into jams and jellies. However, they can be eaten raw make for an excellent low calorie dessert to help in your healthy eating journey. 

Loaded with Vitamin C, the Korean pear can easily bruise from rough handling, packing, or picking, so they need to be packed with individual padding or in soft trays like eggs. Because of this they're often sold for high prices. 

A good source for dietary fiber, the Korean pear is a good source of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin K and Folate.