Organic Pineapple - 1 Pc

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Each piece weighs 800g-1Kgs

One cup of fresh pineapple chunks contains approximately:

82 calories
0.2 grams (g) of fat
0 g of cholesterol
2 milligrams (mg) of sodium
21.65 g of total carbohydrate (including 16 grams of sugar and 2.3 grams of fiber)
0.89 g of protein
As a percentage of your daily requirements, the same amount of fresh pineapple chunks provides:

131 percent of vitamin C
2 percent of vitamin A
2 percent of calcium
3 percent of iron
Pineapple is also a source of important vitamins and minerals, including:

vitamin B-6
pantothenic acid
beta-carotene and other antioxidants
Fresh pineapple is the only known source of an enzyme called bromelain, which might play a role in a range of different health benefits.