Super Premium Raisins (Green) Afghan - 200 Gms

Super Premium Raisins (Green) Afghan - 200 Gms

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Afghan Green raisins

Green raisins are succulent, moist and chewy. Raisins are packed with nutrients and are regularly used in cereals, rail mixes and granola bars to add sweetness to the product. Apart from aiding in digestion, raisins are beneficial in preventing anemia, lowering the risk of heart diseases and helping to fight cancer cells. Raisins also aid digestion, improve bone health, iron levels, blood flow and fertility. Raisins also protect eyes and skin health. 

Nutritional Value: Raisins are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. 

How to use:  Can be used in baked items, added to your morning porridge or eaten plain.