Why should people buy from GG?

People wish to consume safe food. Chemical free food and want to buy from GG because we give the highest grading possible. We deliver only A+ categories of Fruits and Vegetables from our farms. We deliver 100% contamination-free, pesticide-free naturoponically grown vegetables, organic vegetables procured from certified partner farms and fresh fruits (high quality, imported) directly to the doorsteps of our customers. 

What does GG stand for today?

GG Stands for Quality, Trust, Good and Safe Food to consume. If we care for our families and loved ones, GG is the correct choice that we can make Today!

How do I track my order?

On the morning of delivery, we will send you an sms/whatsapp alert when the order is ready to be shipped, along with any pre-known changes or missing items in your order you should expect

A live tracking link is enabled for your convenience and is a part of the delivery message (SMS) which comes to you.  # tracking software LOCUS is used

However,Your delivery agent will reach you by call/message when closer to your address to coordinate for order receipt. 

Once the delivery has been made, we also send a final confirmation message on completed delivery status 


My product has not been delivered on the said delivery date. What should I do?

While this is an exceptional situation which should not occur in a normal course without prior intimation to you, if your order was not delivered on the said delivery date, you can whatsapp us on +919108114321 or email us at hello@gourmetgarden.in with your order number and the concern. We will immediately resolve any issues and help you with your order status. 

Our farming approach

1. What is Naturoponic farming?

Naturoponic farming is the only sure-shot trusted method of farming to ensure high quality produce that is fully free of contamination. The veggies are grown in greenhouses, in clean media like water or coconut fiber, with zero pesticides and using non-GMO seeds. The veggies are therefore healthier, tastier, more water-rich, and safer than those from any other conventional farming approach.

Seeds labeled GMO—the acronym for “genetically modified organism”—result from one of the industry's most controversial practices. GMO seeds are bred not in a garden but in a laboratory using modern biotechnology techniques like gene splicing. 

Non-GMO seeds are cultivated through pollination. They are the most Natural seeds available. 


2. Are Naturoponic veggies better than Organic veggies?

Organic veggies are already better than regular veggies as they are grown without pesticides. Naturoponically grown veggies are even better than organic as they are: 

               a) provided optimum protected environment of a greenhouse, and

               b) grown with zero-contamination, even from soil or water 


3. What is the difference between Naturoponic veggies and Organic veggies on your website?

Naturoponic veggies are grown with our patented zero-contamination farming approach. These yields are very fresh, crunchy, water-rich veggies. Most of our customers love us for this high quality range of veggies, which include leafy exotics, palak, amaranth, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, radish etc. We will also be offering convenient medleys and mixes for your favorite salads, stir fry, and other dishes. 

Organic veggies are grown in certified organic farms with our dedicated partner farmers. We ensure they are all harvested fresh and contain zero chemical residues to assure the safety and freshness you expect from Gourmet Garden. There are all certified Organic Farm Partners which we have. 

Ordering Gourmet Garden veggies

1. How can I order Gourmet Garden veggies?

You can place orders for Gourmet Garden veggies through our website www.gourmetgarden.in. There is an app available for iOS and Play Store which can be downloaded from the app store and Playstore

Explore categories you wish to shop for, select the products you would like to buy along with the requisite quantity, go to the cart to confirm your selection, checkout to choose delivery date and update delivery address, and proceed to payment processing page to place the order. You can either pay online (through credit/debit cards and e-wallets) or opt for a cash-on-delivery option.

2. Is there a minimum order value?

Typically, we accept orders as low as Rs 150 for COD and Rs.100 for PAID. When you add items to your cart, if your order is less than minimum order value, the checkout button will not appear and instead, you will see a message clarifying the minimum order value. 

3. What are the payment options available on your website?

We accept all payment methods, which include Credit/Debit Card, Net banking, UPI (Phone pe, Google Pay etc), Paytm Wallet. 

We also have a Cash-on-delivery feature where we request you to keep exact change ready for the delivery agent, however, please note that this may require some additional convenience fees. This is not applicable when the consumer has gone ahead and signed up for the Contactless Slot which is 630-830AM in the morning. This is only applicable at select pincodes. We currently do not offer card-on-delivery service

4. How do I register on the website? What are the benefits of registering? 

Registering on the website is easy . Login using your mobile number so that we can deliver seamlessly. You can use your Google or Facebook credentials. Click on the “Create an account” button on top right (laptop) or in the 3-bar menu (mobile) to access this. Registered customers are able to easily refer to order history, easily repeat orders from the past, enjoy benefits of auto-filled addresses for convenient shopping, and get access to special offers and discounts. The major plus is you will get 2000 points on Registering before making the purchase.

5. Can I make changes to my order once placed? 

If you have already placed an order and want to add or remove items, please whatsapp us on +919108114321 or write to us at hello@gourmetgarden.in with the order number and changes you would like. Given we work on next-day fulfillment the best chance for the request to be processed is if as a consumer you write to us by 7PM (evening) prior to your day of delivery. We will make the changes in your order and accordingly refund/send payment link for the corresponding amount difference.


1. Why do we pack our veggies? 

Gourmet Garden veggies are free of chemical pesticides and have zero contamination. We want to keep it that way and ensure they reach you in the same condition and shape. We therefore ensure our customers are the first ones to be touching the veggies with bare hands. Further, packed veggies are easier to store in the fridge and stay fresh for longer without drying up/wilting. 

Even veggies from our organic partner farms are packed as soon as they reach us to reduce any potential damages. 

2. How do we pack our veggies?

Gourmet Garden farming methods are the most sustainable.Given lowest water, electricity, and supply miles, it has the least negative carbon footprint among all methods of cultivation. We extend the same responsibility to packaging by using more expensive yet sustainable packing or fully recyclable packing for veggies with high hydration (i.e. leafies, tomatoes, etc). For relatively dry veggies (i.e. potatoes, onions etc.), we use paper bags or net bags majorly. 

3. For recyclable packing, can we hand over used covers to you? 

Yes. Once you have used up our veggies, feel free to process the recyclable packing covers if your society/neighborhood has an organized recycling system. If not, please hand-over to us during delivery of your next order and we will recycle them at our end. (internal note: to check if delivery team is collecting covers returned by customer)

4. Why not use paper or cloth bags instead of any kind of sustainable plastic?

We maximize use of paper bags so long as we do not compromise safety and freshness of the veggies, which is of primal importance to our customers. We therefore do not use paper bags in situations where the veggies have hydration and can dampen the bag/lose a lot of moisture and nutrition. Paper bags are also tougher to use within refrigerators and do not keep veggies as fresh as a sustainable plastic cover can. 

We supply cloth bags with every order. Cloth Bags also solve for storage of veggies in the refrigerator. 


Cancellations and refunds

1. Some of the items in my order are damaged. What should I do?

On occasions, there may be some damages during transportation. In any such situation, kindly whatsapp us on +919108114321 or email us at hello@gourmetgarden.in with your order details and the damaged items (with photos). We will quickly investigate and immediately process a refund or plan for a replacement for the corresponding items. See our refund policy for further information. All complaints related to perishables F&V can be raised only till 48 from the delivery date. 

If there are any items missing from your order, it may be due to insufficient fresh harvests or a quality rejection while packing. This may have been communicated to you already in the shipment update message you receive in the morning. If you did not receive such a message or if that message did not include this missing item you are referring to, kindly whatsapp us on +919108114321 or email us at hello@gourmetgarden.in with your order details and the missing items and we will process a refund instantly. 

2. I want to cancel my order, how do I go about it?  

You can cancel your order anytime until 7 pm on the previous day of the chosen delivery date. To cancel the order, please whatsapp us on +919108114321 or email us your order number at hello@gourmetgarden.in. If it was a paid order, you will be refunded the paid amount to the source account. See our refund policy for further information. 

3. Refund/ Replacement Policy

We have a 100% refund and replacement in place as we progress because we know that  quality is extremely important to all our consumers. Nature is not the same, temp , harvests differ, so does the produce. Thereby the ripeness which is all dependent on these factors cannot be controlled always. We Offer a 100% Refund and Replacement for all quality issues at GG.  

We initiate the pickups for all Non F&V products and Items and send credit to the consumers.

The credit is reflected in your account in 5-7 working days. 

Where are the farms located? 

All our farms are located on the outskirts of Bangalore & Ooty

Warehouse- We have several warehouses across the cities we cater to in order that all our orders can be delivered with maximum freshness. Our primary warehouse in Bangalore is in Jakkur and several smaller warehouses across Bangalore. Similarly, our primary warehouse in Chennai is in Guindy and our primary warehouse in Hyderabad -Balanagar

Transportation- We work with a variety of delivery models to ensure that your orders reach you on time and with maximum freshness. For certain pincodes, we have our own delivery agents while others are serviced through delivery partners. 

Why are we more expensive than competition?

At Gourmet Garden, we place a disproportionate amount of importance on quality and safety. All of our vegetables and leafy greens either come from our own farms which grow food using patented Naturoponic technology or they come from certified organic farmers. Moreover, they are harvested for your order and delivered to you with maximum freshness. The slightly higher prices that you have to pay for GG produce goes towards maintaining  quality and safety across the entire supply chain.  

Also- our grading standards are very high. We believe in Quality and we send the best to you. We never compromise on quality. 

Finally/ we offer FREE all week delivery with a morning delivery promise. 

In organic, we are most competitive. Can’t compare our prices to traditional portals like Amazon fresh and BB. There is no FOOD Traceability from websites like BB or Amazon Fresh.  

What are Traditional Vegetables

 These are grown using the same traditional methods of farming and not different from what other super markets give. To make sure the entire portfolio is available and users do not have to go to diff platforms we offer all Traditional Fruits and Vegetables also. 

How are we different from others

At Gourmet Garden, we place a disproportionate amount of importance on quality and safety. All of our vegetables and leafy greens either come from our own farms which grow food using patented Naturoponic technology or they come from certified organic farmers. 

Our Naturoponic farming approach uses RO water and non-GMO seeds that give unbelievable taste to our fresh produce. Moreover, they are harvested for your order and delivered to you with maximum freshness. Beyond our leafy greens and vegetables, we offer fruits of the highest grade from all around the world. 

We deliver 100% contamination-free, pesticide-free naturoponically grown vegetables, organic vegetables procured from certified partner farms and fresh fruits (high quality, imported) directly to the doorsteps of our customers. Through our proprietary naturoponic farming approach, we believe in growing the purest, freshest and finest tasting vegetables, using RO water, non-GMO seeds and no soil to ensure maximum nutrition and good health.

Why do we transport semi-ripen / raw fruits in a number of cases? 

Fruits ripen quickly. Sometimes the right fruits come from very far to reach your doorstep. To make sure the distance is sustained we send some semi- ripen some totally ripe fruits..nature treats all differently. With every harvest, every season the produce changes- as no humans are alike the same way no fruits are. We need to treat all differently. We can guarantee fruits will ripen some before some later however if an issue please do ask for a replacement. We refund and replace any issues the consumer faces because of ripening.100% Refund and Replacement is always available -on Quality and Ripeness. 

For completely ripe fruits we always suggest trying our cut fruits range - we launched that to offer just the correct ripeness to customers.         

Can we have a farm visit?

We schedule this on a time to time basis and we will keep you informed. Please Leave us a note on the whatsapp support number and we will take your request. As and when we arrange for the farm visits we will reach out to you. Till then u can enjoy these videos and learn more. 

We have a shared google sheet where we note all info and when we have the visit we shall inform people so that their availability can be received and they can be invited for the event.