What is Naturoponic farming?

Naturoponic farming is the only sure-shot trusted method of farming to ensure high quality produce that is fully free of contamination. The veggies are grown in greenhouses, in clean media like water or coconut fibre, with zero pesticides and using non-GMO seeds. The veggies are therefore healthier, tastier, more water-rich, and safer than those from any other conventional farming approach.

Are Naturoponic veggies better than Organic veggies?

Organic veggies are already better than regular veggies as they are grown without pesticides. Naturoponically grown veggies are even better than organic as they are:

a) provided optimum protected environment of a greenhouse, and

b) grown with zero-contamination, even from soil or water

What is the difference between Gourmet Garden veggies and Organic Basics veggies on your website?

Gourmet Garden veggies are naturoponically grown veggies, in our patented zero-contamination farming approach. These yield very fresh, crunchy, water-rich veggies. Most of our customers love us for this high quality range of veggies, which include leafy exotics, palak, amaranth, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, radish etc. We have also created convenient medleys and mixes for your favourite salads, stir fry, and smoothie dishes.
Organic Basics is our effort to provide all veggies under one roof of our website, so you can conveniently complete your veggie shopping with us. We have partnered with certified organic farming setups to offer veggies which we do not grow naturoponically yet. These are pesticide-free and completely safe to consume.

How can I order Gourmet Garden veggies?

You can place orders for Gourmet Garden veggies through our website www.gourmetgarden.in by clicking on the category on the top green tab in the homepage. Select the products you would like to buy along with the requisite quantity, go to the cart to confirm your selection and delivery date, and then checkout with address and payment information. You can pay either online (through credit/debit cards and e-wallets) or opt for a cash-on-delivery option.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, there is a minimum order value of Rs. 200. It has been deliberately kept low so that you can choose to place small orders more frequently and consume fresh veggies all year.

What are the payment options available on your website?

We accept all payment methods, which include Credit/Debit Card, Net banking, UPI (Phone pe, Google Pay etc), Paytm Wallet. We also have a Cash-on-delivery feature where we request you to keep exact change ready for the delivery agent, however, please note that this may require some additional convenience fees. We currently do not offer card-on-delivery service.

How do I register on the website? What are the benefits of registering?

Registering on the website is easy and can be done using your Google or Facebook credentials too. Click on the “Create an account” button on top right (laptop) or in the 3-bar menu (mobile) to access this. Registered customers are able to easily refer to order history, enjoy benefits of auto-filled addresses for convenient shopping, and get access to special offers and discounts.

Do you have an app for ordering?

We are working on it and will be soon launching this. We will intimate all our customers once it is ready for use.

When will my veggies be delivered if I order now?

Any order placed will have an option of 2-3 delivery date options to choose from, based on date of ordering and delivery pin-code. For most pin codes, orders placed before 3 pm on a particular day will also have the option for next-day delivery. Orders are typically delivered by evening on the delivery day. In the case you are unavailable to collect your order during delivery, you could suggest delivery instructions to leave your order at the security or at a neighbour’s house.

What is the delivery fee charged?

Delivery fees may vary based on the pin code you reside in. For most pin codes, we offer free delivery services for order value above Rs. 500. There are very nominal delivery charges for smaller orders.

How do I track my order?

There is no live tracking feature enabled yet. However, on the day of delivery, we will send you an alert when the order is ready to be shipped, along with any pre-known changes or missing items in your order you should expect. Your delivery agent will reach you by call/message when closer to your address to coordinate for order receipt. Once the delivery has been made, we also send a final confirmation message on completed delivery status.

Why are unpacked veggies unsafe to consume?

Veggies you buy from a shop or a cart are typically not packed. While you get to choose the fresher looking veggies, there are several issues with unpacked veggies. First, veggies generally get dry and lose moisture when they are transported in the open, so freshness is compromised. Second, there are higher chances of contamination as they lie on the floors of the vehicles, in reused crates, or in hubs/godowns with poor quality control before they reach you. Not to mention, different hands are touching it so more contamination and more chances of damage. Safety and shelf life are compromised

Why do we pack our veggies?

Gourmet Garden veggies are free of chemical pesticides and have zero

contamination. We want to keep it that way and ensure they reach you in the same condition and shape. We therefore ensure our customers are the first ones to be touching the veggies with bare hands. Further, packed veggies are easier to store in the fridge and stay fresh for longer without drying up/wilting.

Even veggies from our organic partner farms are packed as soon as they reach us to reduce any potential damages.

How do we pack our veggies?

Gourmet Garden farming methods are the most sustainable. Given lowest water, electricity, and supply miles, it has the least negative carbon footprint among all methods of cultivation. We extend the same responsibility to packaging by using more expensive yet sustainable biodegradable packing or fully recyclable packing for veggies with high hydration (i.e. leafies, tomatoes, etc). For relatively dry veggies (i.e. potatoes, onions etc.), we use paper bags.

For recyclable packing, can we hand over used covers to you?

Yes. Once you have used up our veggies, feel free to process the recyclable packing covers if your society/neighbourhood has an organised recycling system. If not, please hand-over to us during delivery of your next order and we will recycle them at our end.

Does your biodegradable packing require composting?

No. Our biodegradable packing is enzyme-coated and degrades so long as it is exposed to microbial activity in any environment. It does not require special composting facilities like some of the compostable covers, which are a different subset of biodegradable covers.

Why not use paper or cloth bags instead of any kind of sustainable plastic?

We maximise use of paper bags so long as we do not compromise safety and freshness of the veggies, which is of primal importance to our customers. We therefore do not use paper bags in situations where the veggies have hydration and can dampen the bag/lose a lot of moisture and nutrition. Paper bags are also tougher to use within refrigerators and do not keep veggies as fresh as a sustainable plastic cover can.

As regards to cloth bags, those are relevant only to put all of the veggies in one bag, which leaves the veggies open and exposed to contamination through the supply chain. Again, they do not solve for storage of veggies in the refrigerator.

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