Organic Basics

Raw Banana

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Raw bananas are small to medium in size with a thick smooth and green peel. The flesh is white to cream colour and is dense firm and creamy. They are tender, fragrant and have a starchy- tart flavour. They are best suited for cooking such as baking, boiling, frying and mashing. Grind into a flour and use as a replacement for wheat flour. Use to make chips and dip or cook in kachoris, kebabs or pakoras. Store in a cool dry place.


Raw Banana

Regular price Rs. 27 Rs. 22 Unit price  per 

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Buy fresh vegetables online in Bangalore

Gourmet Garden is here to equip you to shop for fresh vegetables online with the best organic vegetables Bangalore has to offer. If you are looking for an Organic Vegetables delivery in Bangalore, we are here to provide you with fresh organic vegetables and Natuoponic veggies online! GG takes you back to your fundamental foods consisting of healthy vegetables that you should make a part of your daily diet. 

Buy organic vegetables in Bangalore online

The luxury of online vegetable shopping enables you to order fresh organic and naturoponic vegetables regularly from the comfort of your home after a long day of work instead of having to head out of the house and go shopping. While basic vegetables like tomatoes, potato, ladyfingers, etc can easily be found in the market, Gourmet Garden facilitates the procurement of exotic fresh vegetables like broccoli, exotic mushrooms, edamame, Bird eye chilli and babycorn easily via online vegetable shopping. Our state of the art packaging and supply chain management ensure utmost hygiene and make us the best delivery for online vegetables Bangalore. Packaging plays an important role in keeping your food fresh for as long as possible and ours makes things as convenient and safe for you as possible. 

Why choose Gourmet Garden for fresh vegetables? 

Our unique selling points make us the number one organic vegetables delivery service in the city. When you place your order to buy vegetables online, we harvest fresh organic vegetables and deliver them within 24 hours. We prioritize hygiene and safety while handling your naturoponic veg box delivery and ensure they are touched minimally. 

From your exotic vegetables like Fresh Edamame, Yellow Zucchini, Galangal etc. to the widest variety of mushrooms to the basic daily staples such as tomatoes, lemons, onions, we are the one stop destination for online fresh vegetables in Bangalore. 

Applying farming methods that involve zero contaminants, no pesticides and chemicals and zero residue, our organic and naturoponic vegetables are a game changer and prioritize overall well being and health. Apart from your regular local produce, you can shop for other seasonal produce such as broccoli, white onions, Snack cucumber, Portobello mushrooms and enoki mushrooms. Be it your lettuce, your cauliflower your lady finger or your tomatoes, our packaging standard is consistent and of premium quality. You no more have to walk through aisles of piled up produce and spend time carefully picking out each vegetable from them. We will take care of the entire process for you. We at Gourmet Garden, cautiously harvest your organic vegetables, meticulously clean them and package them using the best packaging material available before delivering your Naturoponic veg box delivery. The produce delivered to you will be as fresh as directly cultivated from the farms resulting in high levels of nutrition. Therefore worries about packaging and hygiene can be kept at bay by you! 

Shop for your vegetables online now from the comfort of your couch and have your order delivered to your doorstep within a day. Look out for great deals, offers and value packs while shopping online with us. Save time, money and efforts by shopping with Gourmet Garden! 

Hygienic Naturoponic Vegetables in Bangalore 

The freshness of the produce being delivered to you is unmatchable, even in the case of standard delivery. Veggies like banana flower and Galangal, which are used in exotic dishes, are fresh and readily available to buy online at Gourmet Garden. Vegetables like mushrooms and sprouts, which are prone to fast decaying, are also packed with utmost care using the best materials. Variety of vegetables such as portobello mushrooms, bell peppers and yellow zucchini are also available. With the demand for organic vegetables online continuously rising, we make it our priority to make exotic organic and naturoponic vegetables readily accessible to you. All our vegetables are certified organic or naturoponic, making them 100% safe and healthy for you. Striving to sustain the nutritive benefits of the vegetables, we take our packaging very seriously and abide by a very strict packing standard. With a whole lot of groceries to shop for and the luxury of at-home shopping, Gourmet Garden brings convenience to your grocery shopping experience with regard to time, delivery, cost and quality. We offer a range of prominent products that are being well received by customers. 

We handle your produce with as much care as you do. Carefully sorted, meticulously cleaned and carefully packed, vegetables from our farms reach you within 24 hours after you order them. 

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